What’s in the Mueller report

What’s in the Mueller report


1. e . Donald Trump Jr. Interaction with WikiLeaks.. .

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1. d. Jared Kushner‘s Continuing Contacts with Simes


1. Ambassador Kislyak’s Meeting with Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn in

2. Jared Kushner‘s Meeting with Sergey Gorkov


1. Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and campaign chairman Paul Manafort to deliver what the email

2. incriminate Hillary.” The materials were offered to Trump Jr. as “part of and its


1. another business associate introduced Dmitfiev to a friend of Jared Kushner who had not served

2. on the Campaign or the Transition Team, Dmitriev and Kushner‘s friend collaborated on a short

3. cleared through Putin, The friend gave that proposal to Kushner before the inauguration, and Kushner later gave copies to Bannon and incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,


1. ‘ Ses, e.g., @DonaldJTrump Jr 10/26/16 tweet (“RT ®TEN GOP: BREAKING Thousands of

2. @DonaldJTrump Jr 11/8/16 tweet C’RT @TEN GOP: This vet passed away last month before he could

3. vote for Trump. Here he is in his ¹MAGA hat. ¹voted ¹ElectionDay.”). Trump Jr. retweeted additional


1. ‘@DonaldJTrump Jr 11/7/16 tweet (NRT®pamela Moore13: Detroit residents speak out against

2. rn ®Eric Trump 10/20/16 tweet (NRT @TEN GOP: BREAKING Hillary shuts down press


1. e. Donald Trump Jr. interaction with WikiLeaks

2. Donald Trump Jr. had direct electronic communications with WikiLeaks during the


1. Several hours later, WikiLeaks sent a Twitter direct message to Donald Trump Jr., “A PAC run

2. Several hours later, Trump Jr. emailed a variety of senior campaign staff:

3. Trump Jr. attached a screenshot of the “About” page for the unlaunched site PutinTrump.org. The

4. next day (after the website had launched publicly), Trump Jr. sent a direct message to WikiLeaks:

5. On October 3, 2016, WikiLeaks sent another direct message to Trump Jr. asking “you

6. Julian Assange. Trump Jr. responded that he already ‘had done so,’ and asked, ‘what’s behind’

7. emails and stated, “we just released Podesta emails Part 4.” Two days later, Trump Jr. publicly

8. 9/20/16 Twitter DM, @WgdLeaks to @DonaldJTrumpJr Trump Jr.

9. TRUMPORG 28 000629-33 (9/21/1 6 B|nail, Trump Jr. to Conway et al. (subject

10. 9/21/16 Twitter DM, @DonaldJTrumpJr to @WikiLeaks.

11. 10/3/16 Twitter DMs, @DonaldJTrumpJr & @WikiLeaks.

12. 10/12/16 Twitter DM, @WikiLeaks to @DonaldJTrumpJr.

13. @DonaldJTrumpJr 10/14/16 (6: 34 a.m.) tweet.


1. In December 2013, Kaveladze and Trump Jr. negotiated and signed preliminary terms of

2. KAV 00385 (12/6f13 Email, Trump Jr. to Kaveladze k E.


1. site of the Miss Universe pageant. In February 2014, Ivanka Trump met with Emin Agalarav

2. ” OSC-KAV 00452 (12/23/13 Email, Trump Jr, to Kaveladze ge E. Agalarov),

3. See, e.g., OSC-KAV 01158 (Letter agreement signed by Trump Jr. 8: E. Agalarov); OSCKAV 01147 (1/20/14 Email, Kaveladze to Trump Jr. et al.)

4. contractor about specifications); OSC-KAV 00540 (1/24/14 Email, McGee to Trump Jr. et al.).

5. ” gee OSC-KAV 00631 (2/5/14 Email, E. A alarov to Ivanka Tram Trump Jr. k Kaveladze);

6. See, e.g., OSC-KAV 00791 (6/3/14 Email, Kaveladze ta Trump Jr, et al.; OSC-KAV 00799

7. (6/1 0/14 Email, Trump Jr. to Kaveladze et al.); OSC-KAV 00817 (6/1 6/14 Email, Trump Jr. to Kaveladze


1. previously and had accompanied Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to Moscow in the mid2000s.'”

2. the project was continuing. ‘ C o hen also discussed the Trump Moscow project with Ivanka Trump as to design elements (such as possible architects to use for the project “) and Donald J. Trump Jr, (about his experience in Moscow and possible involvement in the projects n) during the


1. Approximately a month later, after the LOI had been signed, Lans Erchova emailed Ivanka Trump on behalf of Erchova’s then-husband Dmitry Klokov, to offer Klokov’s assistance to the


1. minister. Ivanka Trump forwarded the email to Cohen. He told the Office that, after receiving

2. she wrote that “[a]t the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 I was asked by my ex husband to contact Ivanka Trump.. . and offer cooperation to Trump’s team on behalf of the officials,” 7/27/18 Email,


1. International Economic Forum. In late December 2015, Mira Duma—a contact of Ivanka Trump‘s

2. from the fashion industry — first passed along invitations for Ivanka Trump and candidate Trump


1. Trump Jr, or Eric Trump so that Foresman could convey to them information that “should be

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1. Jared Kushner also interacted with Simes about issues during the campaign. The

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1. Along with Sim’es, attendees at the event included Jared Kushner, son-in-law of candidate

2. Trump.~ Kushner told the Office that the event came at a time when the Trump Campaign was

3. notice. On March 31, 2016, Simes and Kushner had an in-person, one-on-one meeting in Kushner‘s New York office. During that meeting, Simes told Kushner that the best way to

4. with Trump’s voice, Simes believed that Kushner was receptive to that suggestion.

5. 3 Simes 3/8/18 302, at 6; Kushner 4/11/18 302 at2.

6. ” Kushner 4/1 I/18 302, at 2.

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1. During both their March 24 phone call and their March 31 in-person meeting, Simes and Kushner discussed the possibility of CNI hosting a foreign policy speech by candidate Trump. “

2. In mid-April 2016, Kushner put Simes in contact with senior policy advisor Stephen Miller

3. xu C00008551 (4/17/16 Email, Kushner to Simes (2: 44: 25 p.m.)); C00006759 (4/14/16 Email Kushner to Simes k. S. Miller (12′.3Q p.m.)).

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1. Kislyak and Trump had just met for the first time.s 7 Kislyak also met Kushner during the prespeech reception, The two shook hands and chatted for a minute or two, during which Kushner

2. Several public reports state that, in addition to speaking to Kushner at the pre-speech

3. between Kushner and Kislyak,

4. ss Kushner 4/11/18 3Q2 at 4.

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1. Between the April 2016 speech at the Mayflower Hotel and the presidential election, Jared Kushner had periodic, contacts with Simes. Those contacts consisted of both in-person meetings

2. had proposed. Simes recalled that he, not Kushner, initiated all conversations about , and

3. that Kushner never asked him to set up back-channel conversations with

4. to Simes, afier the Mayflower speech in late April, Simes raised the issue of contacts with Kushner, advised that it was bad optics for the Campaign to develop hidden contacts, and

5. told Kushner both that the Campaign should not highlight as an issue and should handle

6. Among the Kushner-Simes meetings was one held on August 17, 2016, at Simes’s request,

7. in Kushner‘s New York office, The meeting was to address foreign policy advice that CNI was

8. (5/17/16 Email, Dearborn to Kushner (8: 12 a.m.)), Coping Manafort and Oates, Kushner responded. Pass

9. importance for themselves, Be careful.’* NOSC00005653 (5/17/16 Email, Kushner to Dearborn).

10. ~’ Kushner 4/1 1/18 302, at 11-13.

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1. Trump. s’ In advance of the meeting„Simes sent Kushner a “. Policy Memo” laying out

2. with Kushner).

3. During the August 17 meeting, Simes provided Kushner the Clinton-related information

4. that he had romised.ass Simes told Kushner that

5. Simes perceived that Kushner did not find the information to be of interest or use to the

6. Campaign because it was, in Simes*s words, “old news,”‘ast When interviewed by the Office, Kushner stated that he believed that there was little chance of something new being revealed about

7. information that could be “opemtionalized” for the Trump Campaign,+t D espite Kushner‘s

8. ‘” Simes 3/8/18 302, at 29-30; Simes 3/27/18 302, at 6; Kushner 4/I I/18 302, at 12; C00007269

9. ~ C00007981-84 (8/9/16 Email, Simes to Kushner (6.’09: 21 p.m.)). T h’e memorandum

10. ~r C00007981 (8/9/16 Email, Simes to Kushner (6.09: 21 P.m.)).

11. ” DJTFP00023459 (8/10/16 Email, Kushner to S. Miller et al. (11: 30: 13 a.m.)),

12. ” Simes 3/8/18 302, at 29-30; Simes 3/27/18 302, at 6; Kushner 4/I I/18 302, at 12,

13. ‘ Kushner 4/I I/18 302, at 12.

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1. government. The meeting was proposed to Donald Trump Jr. in an email from Robert

2. for Mr. Trump.” Trump Jr. immediately responded that if ‘it’s what you say I love it’ and arranged

3. Trump Jr. invited campaign chairman Paul Manafort and senior advisor Jared Kushner to

4. occurred, and Michael Cohen recalled that Trump Jr. may have told candidate Trump about an

5. to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Trump Jr. requested evidence to support those claims, but

6. officials and that resulted in a retaliatory ban on adoptions of children. Trump Jr.

7. Trump Jr.

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1. (2/29/19 Email, Goldstone to Trump Jr.); Beniaminov 16/18 302, at ;

PAGE 112

1. at 33; Keir Simmons A Rachel Elbaum„Russtan Lawyer Jrssslnttsttaya Says Shs Didn ‘t Give Trump Jr.

2. Trump Jr. Had Busstan Spy Agency As Client, Reuters (July 21, 2017); Andrew E, Kramer gc Sharon

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1. Shortly after his June 3 call with Emin Agalaiov, Goldstone emailed Trump Jr. The

2. Within minutes of this email, Trump Jr. responded, emailing back: ‘Thanks Rob I appreciate that.

3. week when I am back? Goldstone conveyed Trump Jr.’s interest to Emin Agalarov, emailing

4. that Trump Jr. wants to speak personally on the issue.

5. explained that Trump Jr. was likely still traveling for the “final elections.. . where [T]rump will

6. be crowned the official nominee. On the same day, Galdstone again emailed Trump Jr. and

7. asked when Tmmp Jr. was “free to talk with Emin about this Hillary info.cess Trump Jr. asked if

8. Donald Trump Jr.),’ @DonaldJTrumpJr 07/1 1/17 (11: 00) tweet.

9. “‘ DJTJR00446 (6/3/16 Email, Trump Jr. to Goldstone),’ NDonaldJTrump Jr 07/11/17 (11.00)

10. tweet; RG000061 (6/3/16 Email, Trump Jr. to Goldstone).

11. RG000062 (6/3/16 Email, Goldstone dr Trump Jr.).

12. ‘ RG000065 (6/6/16 Email, Goldstone to Trump Jr.); DJTJR00446 (6/6/16 Email, Goldstone to

PAGE 114

1. they could “speak now,” and Goldstone arranged a call between Trump Jr. and Emin Agalarov

2. On June 6 and June 7, Trump Jr. and Emin Agalarov had multiple brief calls.

3. On June 7, Goldstone emailed Trump Jr, and said that “Emin asked that I schedule a

4. Trump Jr. replied that Manafort (identified as the “campaign boss”), Jared Kushner, and Trump Jr. would likely attend. Goldstone was surprised to learn that Trump Jr., Manafort, and

5. “‘ DJTJR00445 6/6/1 6 Emai Goldstone snd Trump Jr.); RG000065-67 (6/6/16 Email, Goldstone

6. and Trump Jr.);

7. w’ DJTJR00499 Call Records of Donald Trump Jr. ‘

8. of Donald Trump Jr.

9. tweet; RG000068 (6/7/16 Email, Goldstone to Trump Jr.);

10. s DJTJRQ0469 (6/7/16 Email, Trump Jn to Goldstone); @DonaldJTrump Jr 07/11/17 (11′.00)

11. Early on June 8, 201, Kushner emailed his assistant, asking her to discuss a 3: 00 p.m.

PAGE 115

1. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. According to Gates, Manafort warned the group that the

2. meeting the following day with Trump Jr,sss Later that day, Trump Jr. forwarded the entirety of

3. Office that in the days before June 9, 2016 Trump Jr. announced at a regular morning meeting of

4. the Clinton Foundation. ‘ Gates believed that Trump Jr. said the information was coming from a

5. the meeting was attended by Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Paul Manafort, Hope Hicks, and, joining late,

6. Michael Cohen recalled being in Donald J, Trump’s office on June 6 or 7 when Trump Jr.

7. told his father that a meeting to obtain adverse information about Clinton vvas going forwai’d. Cohen did not recall Trump Jr. stating that the meeting was connected to .ice From the tenor

8. of the conversation, Cohen believed that Trump Jr. had previously discussed the meeting with his

9. Senate Judiciary Committee, however, Trump Jr. stated that he did not inform his father about the

10. “‘ NOSC00000039-42 (6/8/16 Email, Trump Jr. to Kushner tk Manafort); DJTJR00485 (6/8/16

11. Email„Trump Jr. to Kushner 8s Manafoit).

12. ” 6 /8/16 Email, Manafort to Trump Jr.

13. occurred on June 6. See NOSC00023603 (6/6/16 Email, Gates to Trump Jr. et al.).

14. his email correspondence regarding the meeting with Goldstone to Manafort and Kushner, under

15. Kushner then sent his assistant a second email,

16. knowledge of the June 9 meeting before 2017 and Kushner did not recall if the planned June 9

17. s” NOSC0000007-08 (6/8/I 8 Email, Kushner to Vargas).

18. ‘ Kushner 4/11/1.8 302, at 8.

PAGE 116

1. informing candidate Trump of the meeting, including Trump Jr. ‘ President Trump has stated to

2. (Sept. 7, 2017). The Senate Judiciary Committee interview was not under oath, but Trump Jr. was advised

3. Reuters, (Nov. 6, 2017); Michael Kranish et al., Lawyer who Met with Trump Jr. Has Long History

4. Kaveladze); RG000073 (6/8/16 Email, Goldstone to Trump Jr.); Lieberman 12/13/17 302, at 5; seealso

5. emails or the upcoming meeting, ” Similarly, neither Manafort nor Kushner recalled anyone

6. n Manafort 9/11/18 302, at 3-4; Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 10,

PAGE 117

1. Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner participated on the Trump side, while Kaveladze,

2. Goldstone recalled that Trump Jr. invited Veselmtskaya to begin but did not

PAGE 118

1. etslun, Trump Jr. as e f o low-up

2. Kaveladze similarly recalled that Trump Jr. asked what they have on Clinton, and Kushner became

3. that Trump Jr. commented that Trump is a private citizen, and there was nothing they could do at

4. that time. Trump Jr. also said that they could revisit the issue if and when they were in

5. At some point in the meeting, Kushner sent an iMessage to Manafort stating ‘waste of time’

6. followed immediately by two separate emails to assistants at Kushner Companies with requests that

PAGE 119

1. Donald Trump Jr.— a friend of my good acquaintance’s son on the matter of assisting me or my

2. In a July 2017 television interview, Trump Jr. stated that while he had no way to gauge the

3. out. Trump Jr. further stated in September 2017 congressional testimony that he thought he

4. information was provided, Trump Jr. stated he could then “consult with counsel to make an

5. Sean Hannity, Transcript-Donald Trump Jr., Fox News (July 11, 2017).

6. they call him to give him an excuse to leave, Samochornov recalled that Kushner departed the

7. NOSC00003992 (6/9/16 Text Message, Kushner to Manafort); Kushner 4ll I/18 302, at 9;

8. Vargss 4l4/18 302, at 7; NOSC00000044 (6/9/16 Email, Kushner to Verges); NOSC00000045 (6/9/16

9. Email, Kushner to Cain).

10. Kushner 4/11/1 8

PAGE 120

1. Goldstone, he told Trump Jr.

PAGE 121

1. for Trump Jr.).7’7 On June 27, 2017, Goldstone emailed Emin Agalarov with the subject “Trump

PAGE 122

1. read by Donald Trump Jr. are 100/6 accurate. The meeting was a complete waste of time

2. attorney (Natalia Veselnitzkaya [sic]) and Donald Trump Jr. The lawyer had apparently stated

3. Trump Jr. might find interesting. Goldstone never released either statement.

PAGE 123

1. Volume II, Section II. discusses interactions between President Trump , Trump Jr.

PAGE 141

1. Manafort told Gates that he still syoke with Kushner, Bannon, and candidate Trump,sss and some

2. Manafart sent Kushner an email and attached a strategy memorandum proposing that the

3. November 5, 2016 email to Kushner entitled “Securing the Victory,” Manafort stated that he was

4. NOSC00021517-20 (10/2 I/I 6 Email, Manafort to Kushner).

5. ‘ NOSC00021573-75 (11/5/16 Email, Manafort ta Kushner).

PAGE 145

1. Hicks forwarded the emrdl to Kushner, asking, “Can you look into this’? Don’t want, to get

2. Ambassador, whom Kushner had previously met in April 2016, ‘ U n able to recall the

3. name — to Hicks.s~ After checking with Kushner to see what he had learned, Hicks conveyed

4. “‘ NOSC00044381 (11/9/16 Email, Hicks to Kushner (10.26 a.m.)).

5. “‘ Statement of Jared C. Kushner to Congressional Committees, at 4 (Jul. 24, 2017).

6. ~s NOSC00000058 (11/9/16 Email, Kushner to Simes (10′.28 a.m.)); Statement of Jared Kushner

7. ” NOSC00000058 (11/9/16 Email, Kushner to Hicks (11: 05;44 rem.)).

PAGE 147

1. security advisor introduced Dmitriev to a hedge fund manager and friend of Jared Kushner, Rick

2. implied he cleared through Putin, Gerson provided that pmposal to Kushner before the

3. inauguration, and Kushner later gave copies to Bannon and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

PAGE 148

1. with the Trump Campaign; including Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., and Roger Stone.’003

PAGE 150

1. officials, and was particularly focused on Kushner and Trump Jr,’

2. building for the future. Dmitriev also asked Nader to invite Kushner to the event so that he

PAGE 156

1. Dmitriev to Rick Gerson, a friend of Jared Kushner who runs a hedge fund in New York.

PAGE 157

1. Campaign other than occasional casual discussions about the Campaign with Kushner. After

2. Senate. Gerson said he would ask Kushner and Michael Flynn who the “key person or people”

3. uoa Gerson 6/5/18 302, at 1-2; Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 21.

PAGE 158

1. document to Kushner. Kushner had not heard of Dmitriev at that time. Gerson explained

2. Tillerson; according to Kushner, neither of them followed up with Kushner about it.” ‘

3. Gerson informed Dmitriev that he had given the document to Kushner soon after delivering

PAGE 159

1. Meetinh with Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn in

2. On November 16, 2016, Catherine Vargas, an executive assistant to Kushner, received a

3. request for a meeting with Ambassador Sergey Kislya. That same day, Vargas sent Kushner an email with the subject, “MISSED CALL: Ambassador to the US, Sergey

4. 12/1. LMK how to proceed.” Kushner responded in relevant part, “I think I do this one — confirm

5. Simes at CNI, Vargas reported back to Kushner that Kislyak was “the best go-to guy for routine

6. (written statement by Kushner to tbe Senate Judiciary Committee).

7. “” NOSC00004356 (11/16/16 Email, Vargas to Kushner {6: 44 p.m.)).

8. ‘” NOSC00004356 (11/16/16 Email, Kushner to Vargss (9;54 P.m,)).

9. Vargss to Kushner {12: 31: 18}.

PAGE 160

1. evidence of Flynn or Kushner meeting with Ushakov after being given his name

2. necessarily the right point of contact,” s Kushner went forward with the meeting that Kislyak had

3. requested on November 16. It took place at Trump Tower on November 30, 2016. At Kushner‘s invitation, Flynn also attended; Bannon was invited but did not attend. During

4. meeting, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, Kushner expressed a desire on the part of the

5. ” ‘ Kushner 11/1/17 302, at 4.

6. ‘”” AKIN OUMP BERKOWITZ 000001 6-019 (11/29/16 Email, Vargas to Kuznetsov). Flynn I/11/I 8 302, at 2; NOS00004240 (Calendar Invite, Verges to Kushner 6t Flynn .

7. Kushnei Stmt. at 6. Kushner Stmt. at 6; Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 18. Kushner Stmt. at 7; Kushner 4/11/18 302„at 18; Flynn I/11/I 8 302, at 2.

PAGE 161

1. Kushner asked Kislyak if they could communicate using secure facilities at the

2. Jared Kushner‘s Meeting with Sergey Gorkov

3. On December 6, 2016, the Embassy reached out to Kushner‘s assistant to set up a

4. second meeting between Kislyak and Kushner. Kushner declined several proposed meeting

5. dates, but Kushner‘s assistant indicated that Kislyak was very insistent about securing a second

6. “continue the conversation with Mr. Kushner in person, Kislyak nonetheless agreed to meet

7. instead with Berkowitz once it became apparent that Kushner was unlikely to take a meeting.

8. someone who had a direct line to Putin: Sergey Gorkov, the head of the -government owned bank Vnesheconombank (VEB). Kushner agreed to meet with Gorkov. The one-on-one meeting took place the next day,

9. someone who had a direct line to Putin: Scrgey Gorkov, the head of the -governmentowned bank Vnesheconombank (VEB). Kushner agreed to meet with Gorkov.’ ‘ T he one-on-one meeting took place the next day,

10. December 13, 2016, at the Colony Capital building in Manhattan, where Kushner had previously

11. sanctions imposed in response to ‘s annexation of Crimea. Kushner did not, however,

12. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 18.

13. Kushner Stmt. at 7; NOSC00000123 (12/6/16 Email, Vargas to Kushner (12: 11: 40 p.m.)’). Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 19; NOSC00000130 (12/12/16 Email, Kuslmer to Verges (10: 41

14. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 19′, NOSC00000130-135 (12/12/16 Email, Kushner to Berkowitz),

15. Kushner 4/11/I 8 302, at 19; NOSC00000130-135 (12/1 2/1 6Email, Kusbner to Berkowitz).

16. »S Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 2’0.

PAGE 162

1. At the start of the meeting, Gorkov presented Kushner with two gifts: a painting and a bag

2. of soil from the town in Belarus where Kushner‘s family originated.”

3. or business in nature. Kushner told the Office that the meeting was diplomatic, with Gorkov

4. improved relations with the incoming Administration. According to Kushner, although Gorkov

5. told Kushner a little bit about his bank and made some statements about the economy, the

6. two did not discuss Kushner‘s companies or private business dealings of any kind. (At the time

7. of the meeting, Kushner Companies had a debt obligation coming due on the building it owned at

8. property and possible conflicts of interest for Kushner arising out of his company’s borrowing

9. In contrast, in a 2017 public statement, VEB suggested Gorkov met with Kushner in Kushner‘s capacity as CEO of Kushner Companies for the pmpose of discussing business, rather

10. Kushner as part of aseries of “roadshow meetings” with “representatives of major US banks and

11. Tsekhomsky in Moscow just before Gorkov left for New York to meet Kushner 0; According to

12. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 19. Berkowitz, by contrast, stated to the Office that be had googled

13. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 19-20.

14. Kushner Stmt. at 8.

15. See e.g. Peter Grant Donald Trump Son-in Law Jared Kushner Could Face Hts Own Conflict-

16. Meeting with Jared Kushner, ABC News June 1, 2017).

PAGE 163

1. The investigation did not resolve the apparent conflict in the accounts of Kushner and

2. Gorkov or determine whether the meeting was diplomatic in nature (as Kushner stated), focused

3. those matters or other matters. Regardless, the investigation did not identify evidence that Kushner

4. Rather, a few days after the meeting, Gorkov’s assistant texted Kushner‘s assistant, “Hi,

5. On February 8, 2017, Gorkov’s assistant texted Kushner‘s assistant (Berkowitz) to try to set up

6. the investigation, and did not tell Kushner about the meeting request.” 6

PAGE 164

1. recalling that Simes had some relationship with Kushner. At the time, Simes was lobbying the

2. Burt contacted Simes by telephone and asked if he could arrange a meeting with Kushner

PAGE 167

1. the 2016 election. Despite Kushner‘s conclusion that Kislyak did not wield influence inside

PAGE 168

1. the resolution. Kushner led the effort for the Transition Team; Flynn was responsible for the

2. government. Minutes after an early morning phone call with Kushner on December

3. ‘ ” Flynn 11/16/17 302, at 12-14; Flynn 11/1 7/17 302, at 2; Kushner 11/1/17 302 at 3; 12/22/16

4. Email, Kushner to Flynn 12/22/16 Email, McFarland to

5. ‘ ‘o Flynn 11/16/17 302, at 12-14; Kushner 11/1/17 302, at 3; 12/23/16 Email, Flynn to Kushner et

PAGE 172

1. Kislyak from the day before, which she emailed to Kushner, Bannon, Priebus, and other Transition

2. 12/30/16 Email, Flynn to McFarland; 12/30/16 Email, McFarland to Kushner et al,

3. 12/30/16 Email, McFarland to Kushner et al.

PAGE 185

1. In brief, the key facts are that, on June 3, 2016, Robert Goldstone emailed Donald Trump Jr., to pass along from Emin and Aras Agalarov an “offer’ from Russia’s ‘Crown prosecutor’

2. her dealings with and would be very useful to [Trump Jr.’s] father.” The email described

3. support to Mr. Trump-helped along by Aras and Emin.” Trump Jr, responded.’ “if it’s what you

4. Trump Jr. appears to have accepted that offer and to have arranged a meeting to receive those

5. attended by Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner. The communications setting up the meeting and

6. materials, Documentary evidence in the form of email chains supports the inference that Kushner

PAGE 187

1. offered here constitutes a campaign contribution, Trump Jr. could mount a factual defense that he

PAGE 188

1. that it would “incriminate Hillary” and “would be very useful to [Trump Jr.’s] father” — was nonspecific and may have been understood as being of uncertain worth or reliability, given

2. delivered could be reflected in Trump Jr.’s response (“if it ‘s what you say I love it”) (emphasis

3. decided not to pursue criminal campaign-finance charges against Trump Jr. or other campaign

4. less direct involvement in arranging the June 9 meeting, Kushner could likely mount a similar

PAGE V2-ii

1. 3. The President, Directs Trump Jr.’s Response to Press Inquiries About the


1. between senior campaign officials, hicluding Donald Trump Jr., and a lawyer who was

2. became public, the President edited a press statement for Trump Jr. by deleting a line that

3. acknowledged that the meeting was with “an individual who [Trump Jr.] was told might have

4. of children. When the press asked questions about thc President’s involvement in Trump Jr.’s statement, the President’s personal lawyer repeatedly denied the President had played any

PAGE V2-21

1. spoke with Campaign advisors Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Jason Migcr, and probably Kushner

PAGE V2-39

1. day. Kushner told Flynn words to the effect of, “You know the President respects you. Thc President cares

2. day. Kushner told Flynn words to the effect of, “You know the President respects you. The President cares

3. about you. I’ll get the President to send out a positive tweet about you later.” Kushner looked at the

PAGE V2-40

1. testimony about the events leading up to the private meenng with the President as “pretty accurate.” Sessions I/I 7/18 302, at 6. Kushner had no recollection of whether the President asked Comey to stay

2. behind. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 24.

PAGE V2-64

1. various advisors and fainily members, including Jared Kushner and senior advisor Stephen Miller„

PAGE V2-65

1. 04 SCR013 c 000003-06 (Draft Termination Letter to FBI Director Comey . Kushner said that the

2. of what the President had said during the May 5 dinner. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 25,

PAGE V2-92

1. about the June 9, 2016 meeting between several and Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner,

PAGE V2-98

1. and he. then dictated a statement about the meeting to bc issued by Donald Trump Jr, describing

PAGE V2-99

1. the campaign arranging a meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and

2. of ” and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”Trump Jr. responded, “[I]f it’s what

3. ‘ ” RG000061 (6/3/16 Email, Goldstone to Trump Jr.); @DonaldJTrumpJR 7/11/17 {11: 01 a.m.

4. RG000061 (6/3/16 Email, Trump Jr. to Goldstone)„@DonaldJTrumpJR 7/11/17 (11: 01 a.m.

5. you say I love it, and he, Kushner, and Manafort met with the attorney and several

PAGE V2-100

1. Communications advisors Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel recalled discussing with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump that the emails were damaging and would inevitably be leaked. Hicks and Raffel advised that the best strategy

2. President„Kushner, and Ivanka Trump.’ A c cording to Hicks, Kushner said that he wanted to fill

3. Hicks 12/7/17 302, at 7; Hicks 3/13/18 302, at 1. Counsel for Ivanka Trump provided an attorney

4. congressional committees involving a meeting with him, Manafort„and Trump Jr.ms Kushner

5. President stopped Kushner and said he did not want to know about it, shutting the conversation

6. On June 28, 2017, Hicks viewed the emails at Kushner‘s attorney’s office. s She recalled

7. in this section of the report. Kushner said that he did not recall talking to the President at this time about

8. the June 9 meeting or the underlying emails. Kushner 4/11/18 302, at 30.

PAGE V2-101

1. in front of the story and have Trump Jr. telcasc tbe emails as part of an interview with “softball

2. Hicks recalled that Kushner told the President the June 9 meeting was nota big deal and was about

3. production was due. Kushner responded that it would be a couple of weeks and the President

4. said, “then leave it alone.” Hicksalso recalled that the President said Kushner‘s attorney should

5. said, “then leave it alone.’+st Hicks also recalled that thc President said Kushner‘s attorney should

6. Hamburg, Germany, accompanied by Hicks, Raffel, Kushner, and lvanka Trump, among others.

PAGE V2-102

1. the meeting to be released by Trump Jr. and brought it to the President,~” The draft statement

2. issued because it said too much. s The President told Hicks to say only that Trump Jr. took a brief

3. Trump Jr. a revised statement on the June 9 meeting that read:

4. Hicks’s text concluded, “Arc you ok with this7 Attributed to you.” 4 Trump Jr. responded by

5. would read, “We ~rimarfl discussed a program about the adoption of children,’us~ Trump Jr. texted that he wanted the change because “[t]hey started with some Hillary thing which was hs

6. as though I’m lying later when they inevitably leak something.””‘ Trump Jr.’s statement — adding

7. SCR011a_000004 (7/8/17 Text Message, Hicksto Trump Jr.).

8. SCR011a_000005 (7/8/17 Text Message, Trump Jr. to Hicks).

9. SCR011a 000005 (7/8/17 Text Message, Trump Jr. to Hicks).

10. ‘” SCR011a 000005 (7/8/17 Text Message, Trump Jr. to Hicks).

11. la 000005 (7/8/17 Text Message, Hicks to Trump Jr.).

12. ‘ SCR01 is 000006 (7/8/17 Text Message, Trump Jr. to Hicks).

PAGE V2-104

1. statement had been authorized and further observed that Trump Jr.’s statement was inaccurate and

2. President had been personally involved in preparing Trump Jr.’s initial statement to thc Ncw York

3. ‘I Love It, ‘ Donald Trump Jr. Said; New York Times (July 11, 2017).

4. Let the Page Turn, New York Times (July 11, 2017) (reporting that the President “signed off’ on Trump Jr.’s statement).

PAGE V2-105

1. inaccurately denied that the President played any role in drafting Trump Jr.’s statement. After

2. Trump Jr.

PAGE V2-106

1. President icjccted Trump Jr.’s draft statement that would have acknowledged that the meeting was

2. would be “massive” when it broke, but the President told her and Kushner to “leave it alone.”

3. acknowledging that Kushner‘s attorney should provide emails related to the June 9 meeting to

4. of the emails no later than June 29, 2017, when he discussed them with Hicks and Kushner, and

PAGE V2-107

1. dictated a statement to be released by Trump Jr. in response to the first press accounts of the June

PAGE V2-121

1. (describing a phone conversation between Kushner and Flynn the day atter Flynn was tired where Kushner

2. aut a positive tweet about you later,” and the President nodded his assent to Kushner‘s comment pramising

PAGE V2-135

1. and on several occasions brought the project up with Cohen to ask what was happening on it.s’s Cohen also discussed the project on multiple occasions with Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka

PAGE V2-137

1. recalled briefing Donald Trump Jr. in the spring — a conversation that Cohen said was not “idle

PAGE V2-144

1. Co hen said his decision was meant ta mirrar Jared Kushner‘s decision to

2. Cohen said his decision was meant to mirror Jared Kushner‘s decision to

PAGE V2-145

1. minutes on Januaiy 19, 2018, and for approximately seven minutes on January 30, 2018, and that Cohen called Melania Trump‘s cell phone several times between January 26, 2018, and January 30, 2018. Call

PAGE V2-148

1. Trump Jr. told his father about the Junc 9, 2016 meeting to get “dirt” on Hillary Clintoa,’~z the


1. Assistant to Jared Kushner.


1. Ex-wife of Dmitry Klokov who emailed Ivanka Trump to introduce


1. counsel for Donald Trump Jr.

2. Publicist for Emin Agalarov who contacted Donald Trump Jr. to arrange

3. New York hedge fund manager and associate of Jared Kushner, During

4. who met with Jared Kushner during the transition period.


1. Kushner, Jared


1. Exec utive assistant to Jared Kushner,


1. a. When did you first learn that Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner

2. c. On June 9, 2016, Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner attended a


1. Did you speak or meet with Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner on June 9, 2016? If yes, did any portion of any of those

2. or Jared Kushner and any member or representative of the Agalarov family,


1. (LTG) Michael Flynn, K.T. McFarland, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner,


1. f. W ere you told about a meeting between Jared Kushner and Sergei Gorkov that

2. h. Prior to January 20, 2017, did you talk to Steve gannon, Jared Kushner, or any


1. When did you first learn that Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner was

2. On June 9, 2016, Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner attended a meeting


1. Did you speak or meet with Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner

2. Did you learn of any communications between Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner and any member or representative of the Agalarov family, Natalia Veselnitskaya,


1. I have no recollection of learning at the time thatDonald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner


1. At this point in time, I do not remember whether I spoke or met with Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner on June 9, 2016. My desk calendar indicates I was scheduled to meet

2. Paul Manafort, or Jared Kushner and any member or representative of the Agalarov family, Robert


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